Bushing for excavator

Our advantages:

Excellent Mechanical Properties.

The quenching layer has good permeability, hardness uniform. It's with hardness and wear resistance.

High intensity and strong tenacity.

Flange welding quality is best.

Phosphating and hard chrome plating.

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Product Details

Bushing for excavator. Customized manufacture. All dimensions can be offered.

Excavator bushing and excavator shaft composed of the articulated device is excavator, loader, bulldozer, crane, boom concrete pump truck, aerial work truck and other construction machinery operating equipment commonly used articulated device, qualified articulated parts should have a reasonable clearance, the clearance can store grease, to ensure that the bucket shaft and shaft sleeve in relative movement to reduce wear and resistance.



The company's excavator shaft sleeve, wear resistance, impact toughness and comprehensive mechanical properties are better than casting ultra-high manganese steel, widely used in wear and impact resistance occasions.

The sales will select the most suitable products according to customer's request. The engineer will track the usage throughout the process. The customer can communicate with engineer directly if there is any problem.

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